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As a published author, you outrank your competition… being a Bestselling Author creates exclusive opportunities open only to the Elite in your market
The bottom line? If you went to a 5-speaker seminar on paying less income taxes, and only one speaker of the five is a bestselling author… who would you pay attention to?

Major Media

Fact: Overall, people believe and trust the media and therefore give credibility to it. Thus, if you’re in the media it makes you credible.

My media strategies quickly allow you to be positioned as the expert by having your information syndicated out to dozens of major media sites, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates.

Want media placements on renowned platforms like Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post, and others? Let’s talk.

You can be an Instant Media Sensation just like these folks:
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What People Are Saying…
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    • Lance Allred

    • Keynote Motivational Speaker | Published Author | Radio Host | First Deaf Player in NBA History

    “ When I retired from professional basketball, I had a blazing start to my keynote speaking career, but truth be told, I was starting to plateau after 4 months as all of my resources and connections were only reaching so far into the corporate and non-profit regions. And then Andy came out of nowhere with his connections and his media visibility, and for whatever generous reason, graciously extended a hand my way. His efforts helped me jump into a higher echelon that I was beginning to think would take me 2-3 years to reach. Andy actually cares about me and my career: He is truly a fan and wants to see me succeed. I am in his debt.”
  • Author image
    • Steve Gilliland

    • Hall of Fame Speaker and Best Selling Author.

    “ As a former marketing executive, I am particularly selective when outsourcing any of my marketing initiatives. After contracting with Andy Curry regarding my latest marketing strategy, I can say without question, he is an expert on marketing. Andy’s knowledge and insight was able to position me with dozens of major news outlets. The marketing impressions he made for me is incalculable. He’s the real deal.”
  • Author image
    • Mark Schulman

    • Professional Speaker & Rock Star Drummer for Cher, P!nk, Foreigner, and more.

    “ Andy you are a consummate pro and a gentleman! Thanks for the great interview and for the real time support. All my business I have done is based on relationships and ours is very valuable to me! I look forward to seeing you at the book release and we shall celebrate...”
  • Author image
    • Richard J Bryan

    • Business owner
      International Speaker, Author and Executive Coach
      (Former CEO of a $120 Million Company Auto Company)

    “ I hired Andy Curry to work with me to increase my marketing presence and I must say that I am more than pleased with the results. I now have a magazine cover as well as numerous media references that all help to position me as an expert in my field. I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.”
  • Author image
    • Chuck Hooper

    • Business Intelligence Consultant

    “Andy Curry offers personalized attention, business strategy and professional services, designed to take someone known in their industry, and, make them a leader in that industry. His extensive network of experts and his coaching skills can promote anyone looking for effective mass media attention.
    I've been thrilled with his approach, his coaching, and with the results! I know that Andy and his representatives truly care about me, as a client. That's led to an immense level of confidence in him.”
  • Author image
    • Christopher Carter

    • Entertainer & Speaker
      Appeared on The Martin Short Show, The Donny and Marie Show Awarded Entertainer of the Year in 2005 by Campus Activities Industry

    “I had the pleasure of working with Andy Curry on my latest marketing campaign. Andy’s knowledge and insight was able to get articles about me positioned in dozens of major news outlets. The perception of authority that creates in the minds of my clients is invaluable. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish my goals without him.
    I highly recommend Andy as an expert on Authority Marketing. He delivers clear and measureable results. ”

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